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Teacher Hernán: A Brave Lesson

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Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Hernán who lived in Ireland. He taught English to students from all over the world. One day, Hernán decided to take his students on a field trip to visit the famous Cliffs of Moher.

The students were very excited and Hernán was eager to show them the breathtaking views from the cliffs. They took a bus from the school and arrived at the cliffs in the afternoon. Hernán led the students to the edge of the cliffs and pointed out the different sights, such as the Aran Islands and the Atlantic Ocean.

However, as they were admiring the views, one of the students, Maria, stumbled and fell over the edge of the cliff. Hernán quickly jumped into action and climbed down the cliff to rescue her. It was a difficult climb, but Hernán finally reached Maria and helped her back up to safety.

The students were very grateful and thanked Hernán for his bravery. From that day on, Hernán was not just their teacher, but also their hero. The students learned an important lesson about courage and determination from Hernán’s actions.

And so, the field trip to the Cliffs of Moher became one of the most memorable experiences in the students’ English studies with Hernán. They never forgot the incredible views and the bravery of their teacher.

Where does Teacher Hernán live?

a. In Spain

b. In Ireland

What subject does Teacher Hernán teach?

a. Mathematics

b. English

Where did Teacher Hernán take his students on a field trip?

a. To a park

b. To the Cliffs of Moher

What happened to one of the students while they were admiring the views from the cliffs?

a. She got sick

b. She stumbled and fell

What did Teacher Hernán do after the student fell from the cliffs?

a. He called for emergency services

b. He climbed down the cliffs to rescue her

What lesson did the students learn from the story?

a. The importance of safety

b. Courage and determination

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